Body Treatments

Body treatments


The Blissed Out Back Treatment $117

A one hour blissful experience for your back.  A super scrubby back facial with steam, designed to loosen and slough dead skin.  Serums are massaged in and extractions performed.  A suitable mask for your skin type is applied while you rest.  To complete this sweet treat I do aromatherapy hot stone massage and end with rehydrating body oils or butter, depending on what your skin needs.

The Volcanic Ash Full Body Wrap $127

{Including Face}

Get wrapped from the tip of your toes to the top of your head with Volcanic Ash.  The features of this incredible wrap include:
-slimming effect
-helps acne, and other skin blemishes
-helps rosacea, psoriasis, eczema
-reduces wrinkles and firms skin
-helps age spots
-reduces large pores
-reduces water retention
-reduces appearance of cellulite
-firmer look to all areas
Treatment includes a super healing warm Volcanic Ash with cocoon wrap from head to toe- and application of your choice of body serum from Essentials Bali. Leaves skin super refreshed, smooth and hydrated. Scalp massage and facial application included.  Delicious!

Try the Volcanic Ash on targeted areas during any facial treatment:

Tummy $27
Thighs $27
Tummy & Thighs $44
Face with Organic Essentials Serums $17