Organic Facials

Many clients tell me they want to find a few minutes to relax, if only for a short time to escape the routines and pressures of our modern lives.  The one hour organic facial is a trip to the beach…the warm blankets, the tropical scented essential oils, the Balinese music…it’s the right thing to do for yourself when you know you can’t hop on a plane to Bali! Book today.  See for yourself why so many people love the simplicity of a gentle, organic facial with shoulder, neck and scalp massage. $87 plus HST for 60 Blissful Minutes

Top Three at The SPA on King

I love keeping things simple, organic and lovely around here.  Here is a breakdown of my top three + why they are a local fave.

gillians top three


1 The Volcanic Ash Wrap

This seriously delicious wrap actually smoothes, firms and rehydrates your skin.  Great for head to toe relaxation, the volcanic oils smell heavenly…and the facial it comes with is the perfect pick-me-up when you are feeling depleted.  Leave energized.  Includes a free Axiatonal Alignment therapy.

2. The Essential Pedi

My pedis are favourited around here.  Luxurious leg and foot massage, with cuticle/callous/nail care is topped off with organic sugar scrubs and perfectly applied polish.

3. The Organic Facial

Why settle for someone sticking needles in your face when you can relax during a facial, knowing the ingredients used on your face are safe enough to eat? Why mess with Mother Nature’s beautiful work? YOU are a work of art.  A goddess.  A divine creature.  Life expressing itself.  Don’t mess up that divinity with chemicals you can’t pronounce and peels that burn.  Ask me how to maintain your results at home for happy, healthy skin.  Age the beautiful way.  By being beautifully you!

Life expresses itself through you.

Observe your own body. It breathes. You breathe when you are asleep, when you are no longer conscious of your own ideas of self-identity. Who, then, is breathing? The collection of information that you mistakenly think it’s you is not the main protagonist in this drama called the breath. In fact, you are not breathing; breath is naturally happening to you. You can purposely end your own life, but you cannot purposely keep your own life going. The expression, “My life” is actually an oxymoron, a result of ignorance and mistaken assumption. You don’t posses life; life expresses itself through you. Your body is a flower that life let bloom, a phenomenon created by life.”
― Ilchi Leebreathe


You are a flower.  Forgetting to breathe? Forgetting to breathe d e e p l y? Well stop that! Nothing is more important than your breath.  Nothing.

It is a gift, and life itself flows through you when you do it correctly.  Breathe deep, breathe often.  Inhale as much as you possibly can.  Get out into nature.  Breathe in the nature.  You will see a difference in your mind, and body.  And your skin.  Skin deprived of oxygen from smoking, shallow breathing, poor sleep etc reflects such.  Treat your breath as if it were your best friend, and sink into knowingness. Sink into all that you are, the Infinite.


G xo

Green Juice For Healthy Skin And High Energy

green-juiceFirst I would like to say, if you aren’t juicing, what are you waiting for!?

Second I would like to say to the naysayers, and there are always a few, who state “…but you should EAT your veggies and fruits to get the much needed fiber!” I agree! I completely agree.  But juicing is something to do in addition to eating those fruits and veggies.  Cold pressed fresh juice packs a ton of nutrients. When you add more veggies to fruits in the mix, you don’t spike your blood sugars like regular juice can.

I’m sharing this recipe with you for interest’s sake.  Take it and run with it or bypass it, it’s up to you.  Either way, this is something that I do every day and wanted to share with all of you!

Organic Green Juice For A Damn Sexy Glow And High Energy


One bunch of celery, washed and chopped into small sticks

Two cups of baby spinach

Five green apples, chopped (you can put the whole apple in)

One lemon (save the seeds to plant later, makes a lovely little green plant)

Ginormous chunk of ginger (not from China, the organic one from Peru)

Two enormous field cucumbers, seeds and all (do not peel, just wash)


How To:

Wash and soak all your organic produce to remove any handling germs.

Chop as stated and put to one side.

Haul out your juicer, and go to town.

Refrigerate for up to 24 hours.  You can stretch this to 48 hours but your juice will not pack as much nutritional punch as it does in the first hours.  This combo yields about 2 quarts of juice but since we live in Canada to you that is….around one and a half liters or so.

Guzzle it down a few times a day when you get tired of your water.  It will fuel you like no other. Hope you enjoy this amazing juice!


Gillian 🙂


Oxygenate Yourself

I recently went to the BIG CITY for a class in breathwork. What a mind blower that was! It was ritualistic, ceremonial, and the woman leading was skilled in shamanic work and yoga…you name it, she’s accredited in it.  I was impressed by how during two hours of delibrate breathing, I could cleanse, detox and reset my entire system.  I was on a high for days after. Who knew that by simply breathing intentionally and in a focused way you could bring yourself so much healing and peace? I never knew!  I still employ the breathing technique she taught us, it helps to ground me and calm me when I feel any kind of overwhelm.  What does this have to do with anything? Well it got me thinking how important oxygen is to all life.  We need oxygen to breathe obviously, but we also need oxygenation to our skin tissues for optimal skin health.

Oxygenation has to do with breathing and blood flow.  On the skin, as for other tissues in the body, oxygen is essential to the health and maintenance of the cells.  Young skin gets a lot of oxygen from the environment because it works efficiently enough to process what’s on offer.  With age, skin loses it’s ability to keep and use oxygen for normal metabolic processes.  Repair and regeneration of collagen and elastin tissue that provide the skin’s structural integrity are two of these processes.

What an oxygenating facial treatment does is enhance the available oxygen to the skin, boosting circulation, stimulating cell turnover, and leaving the complexion hydrated, plumped up and rejuvenated.  In oxygen-rich environments bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections do not thrive.  Do not confuse oxygenation with oxidation, oxidation is related to tissue decay. The metabolic break down of oxygen (essential, needed) results in 1 to 2% of those cells going radical.  As in free radical! So anti-oxidants are designed to link up with and stabilize the free radical. So oxygenation is our friend.  And makes us feel younger, healthier and as a result, happier.

December will see me introducing an Oxygenation Facial, focused on serums and massage designed to bring the best oxygenation to your face.  You will love this new treatment! And remember, just…breathe

Put Your Feet Up

young-couple-enjoying-romantic-moments-in-nature-picjumbo-comLife is unfolding before us at a phenomenal pace.  We need to take some of the moments afforded us and put our feet up to see how that feels for a bit.  We  need to stop striving and trying so hard and just BE.  Being is half of what we are, human beings.  So let us put into practice what we are named for. Let’s try BEing for once.

Nothing is in our control, and this is actually a good thing.  It means you can relax! We need to remember this as life picks up the pace, gets a little too hectic and out of whack.  We are at peace when we sit in silence, or drink a tea, or take the time to meditate.  Read a chapter. Enjoy a cookie.  Do your nails.  Nap for a half hour.

BE for once.  Tis so good for the soul xo G

Beet Juice For Glowy Skin

beetA recipe I love as of late is one I adapted from Oh She Glows! by Angela Liddon.

It is a simple beet juice recipe, full of the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs to glow that healthy glow!

For two servings:

3 medium sized beets*

2 cucumbers

2 green apples

2 carrots

1 lemon


Scrub and quarter your beets, leave the greens if they are attached, and the root.  You want all this plant nutrition in your juice!

Peel and chop the carrots.

Slice apples into chunks, lose the core, keep the skin.

Remove the rind from the lemon, cut into quarters.

Cut cucumbers but leave skin on, and make sure the pieces fit down the juice chute! LOL


Juice your ingredients and serve it chilled for best taste.  I love this one! Beets are flourishing now at farmers markets and grocery stores…so go crazy and make some beet juice for your own great health.

*beets may need to be lightly steamed if they are too large to cut

I am almost back to my regular schedule.  Wednesday September 7th I will be full time again.  Thank you for your patience during these summer hours, it has been nice to be home with my kids.