Welcome to the SPA on King. I want to tell you about my facial treatment. It is non-invasive, restorative, hydrating, totally customized to your skin condition and a sanctuary for the soul.  Listen to sacred sounds (or request your own music, I can play whatever you like), enjoy divine scents and rest while your skin rehydrates, and the tension in your shoulders and neck are massaged away. Good skin is up to you – you control the amount of sleep you get, the food you put in your body, the lifestyle habits you choose.  All of those factors have an impact on the health of your skin.  With good sleep, deep breathing, stress management, and proper nutrition…you will find even the most basic skin care works wonders on you. Pop by for some deep relaxation today and enjoy my customized facial. Just $60 for 50 mins all month long in January 2020!

Not all organic  product lines are created equally, so I choose to use Skin Essence Organics. Chances are that nearly all the natural  products found in your local department stores and health food stores are not  fully chemical and preservative free, which in turn, can make them more apt to  irritate the skin and be harmful. Any company can use the word “natural” or “organic” on its labels, and what often  happens is these products will contain one or two natural ingredients, but will  also have many known carcinogens or otherwise unsafe ingredients. What makes Skin Essence products different is that they have carefully selected only the  best and most beneficial organic ingredients for each one of their unique  products.

There are a number of ingredients which are currently found  in most mainstream products that have been shown in numerous studies to be unsafe for the body.

Their products DO NOT contain any of  the ingredients on the following list. This list is brief and is meant to be a  summary of some of the most common chemical ingredients to avoid.

Parabens – (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl)
Reason– Toxic, Irritates the skin, known to cause skin rashes, dermatitis  and rosacea, Also found in breast tissue of cancer patients.


Reason – Very toxic and has been linked to Alzheimers disease in numerous studies.

Synthetic  Colorants
 -(Labeled D&C or FD&C)
Reason – Often contains aluminum, irritates skin cells and is a suspected  carcinogen.

Petroleum  Derived Ingredients -(Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Vaseline)
Reason – Clogs pores may cause acne or dry skin and often contains  carcinogens.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Reason – Known to damage the skins outer layer and is a suspected  carcinogen.

Synthetic  Fragrance
Reason – Toxic, highly allergenic, many chemicals used in fragrances are unregulated and unlisted.

Reason – Mimics estrogen in the body; Known to cause  hormonal imbalance in the body and affect reproductive toxins; associated with  birth defects in children and low sperm counts in men.

Volcanic Ash Mask Add-On to your facial $17

Volcanic Ash mask application with addition of Organic Essentials Serums.


Please refrain from using AHA products for three days prior to your treatment.
Please fully disclose any sensitivities or allergies to Gillian prior to your treatment.