There have been some women in my life who inspire me to no end. I cherish each of them in their own unique, beautiful way.  Lately one of those beautiful friends inspired me to slow my life down, to really get what it is all about.  That included spending more balanced, quality time at home with my family and children.  This advice has served me well, and the timing of it quite perfect. I’m annoying my kids chasing them around with SPF 30! It’s great!

During the summer months I am flat out busy at work, so this altered schedule which involved me ditching a few precious work days and condensing them  down into two days a week – was a huge leap of faith.  I had to choose, the financial security or the happy factor? The choice was abundantly clear.  Happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not won the lottery yet, so this change requires some creativity.  But let me tell you this – what a joy it has been to find my spark again!  My diet, my fitness routine, my spiritual life and my family have all reaped the benefits of this change.  It will all go back to normal in September, when I resume my five day work week.  But for now, my batteries are recharging, I’m spending time with loved ones in nature and that is worth all the tea in China to me.  As far as saving money goes, have you checked out the FLIPP app on your smart phone? Now that I have time to actually make shopping lists instead of just flying into the store and winging it – it is an invaluable tool for me to formulate and plan weekly meals.  And it let’s you clip deals from all your favourite stores in order to price match. Leaving me more money for things like pedicures, massages, facials…

xo Gillian